Best Wedding Mask designs in 2021

Wedding masks


Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, life, as we know it, has changed. Most countries went into lockdown mode, and large social gatherings were put on hold for the longest time. This also affected weddings.

Things now seem to be approaching some form of normalcy gradually. There is no solution for the virus yet, but we're coming up with ways to prevent the spread. Hopefully, the new vaccines will also be okayed for use soon. In the meantime, places are beginning to open up a little bit, and weddings are coming back.

There are, however, changes in the way ceremonies are being held. From the number of guests invited to the wedding fashion, things have adapted to accommodate the pandemic. One of those changes is the addition of Masks.
Since the virus has been proven to spread through respiratory droplets, most governments have mandated the use of masks to help curb its spread. This means that weddings not only have couples practising social distancing, but we’re seeing couples and their guests using masks.

As a personalised wedding mask business ourselves, we thought we should talk a little bit more about these masks. So, if you're ready, grab a cup of tea, relax and let’s talk about wedding masks.

β€’ First, What Has Been Going On?

One of the biggest things that have come through this period is the lesson that love and family are essential. All the flair and extravagance usually associated with weddings, gave way to intimate ceremonies, elopements, and home weddings.

People that could not wait for things to get better, first, held private ceremonies with just the people most important to them. Weddings with social distancing observed. It was from events like these and more that people got innovative with facemasks.

β€’ Responsible and Trendy

Since facemasks have become part of the guidelines for going out and holding weddings of any kind, designers have become very innovative. In fact, right from the start, we had bridal shops rise to the occasion and churn out lots of masks to cover up for the country's shortage.

When it came to weddings, however, there seemed to be a problem with couples wondering if they'd have to choose between looking gorgeous and dressing up for their weddings or ruining the whole ensemble with a mask.

A solution was found pretty quickly. Couples did not have to compromise their lovely fashion sense or health as numerous custom-made masks that were gorgeous began to pop up. Soon enough, they were everywhere, and this initiative is one that must be applauded.

β€’ Are These Designer Masks Safe?

As much as designers have been helping couples come up with creative answers when it comes to masks for their wedding, an important question on many people's minds is whether these masks carry out the primary function of keeping people safe.

The answer is yes, especially when you get them from us. Your mask should also fit snuggly at the sides of your face with no gaps. We're talking about a health crisis here, so please ensure that these rules are followed by all who attend your event.

β€’ Do We Have to Continue Social Distancing with The Masks?

The answer here is also a strong YES! Wearing a mask does not suddenly make you or your partner invincible. You should maintain as much social distancing at your wedding as you would if you were not wearing one.

Remember that one of the ways to show love to your family and friends is to keep them safe and not compromise their health. Protect yourself and others, wear a mask, and let's see how much of this curve we can flatten. Best of luck!!!

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We also believe that personalisation is a great way to ensure that you have a memorable wedding. That’s why the wedding masks you get from us can be personalised in whatever way you wish. We also have masks for your bridal shower, stag night and christening.

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